Tryavna/Gabrovo, Bulgaria

You can’t download skills!

Students of Friesland College, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and Tryavna School participated in the Craft Your Future training week in Bulgaria. The week lasted from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th of September.

20 students from the three schools of the Craft Your Future project participated in the international training week in Tryavna, Bulgaria, where together they experienced the value of crafts and gained insight into skills; you can’t download those skills!

Throughout the week and accompanied by their teachers and experts from House of Design, Learning Hub Friesland and FabriC Association, the students got deeply immersed in old crafts that are still actively being practiced in Bulgaria.

Students realised that the knowledge about crafts that is still very much alive in Bulgaria, combined with new digital techniques and preferably made of renewable raw materials is a source of inspiration for the design and manufacturing of new, future-proof products. Products that are not thrown away after one-time use. If something is beautiful, well designed and well made, it has more value than utensils that are punched out of a mould in China, transported in container ships to all over the world and then thrown away after use.

The training week was organised so early in the school year because in Gabrovo a large international Crafts congress took place to discuss the role of crafts in today’s economy, as well as a market where craftsmen show not only their products, but also their skills.