Leeuwarden (Friesland) Netherlands

Kicking off the Craft Your Future project in Leeuwarden

In October 2018, the Craft Your Future project kicked-off with a training week for students in the Netherlands. Students of Friesland College, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and Tryavna School (BG) participated and stayed in Leeuwarden for a week.

The training week was organised together with the Craft Your Future conference on October 10th, the national day of sustainability.

Buy craft products and use them for as long as possible. This was the message during the seminar ‘Craft Your Future’, on 10 October 2018. Cultural heritage is a broad concept. In principle, it stands for everything that we inherit from previous generations and consider worth preserving.

The training week zoomed in on the role that crafts can play in making society more sustainable. The central question, therefore, was: what lessons can we learn from the time of craftsmanship for a sustainable future? The customer must be able to find the craftsman again, but the craft business must also innovate and respond to the wishes and tastes of today’s consumers.

Not only craftsmanship can contribute to a more sustainable economy, but also the use of natural and regional resources. The Portuguese Ana Mestre told how she had given a boost to the cork industry in her country by introducing new applications and products for development.