Shoulder bag PlogBag

We would like to share with you all another project carried out during this 2019-20 academic year. The students of the subject Models and prototypes of the Degree in Industrial Design of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), have worked on the principles of Craft Your Future.

The second project selected is the PlogBag shoulder bag, designed by the student Amparo García González, and developed by the textile artisan Mónica Curvetto of Moon de Val, with a workshop based in the city of Valencia.

General description:

Shoulder bag created with recycled materials to give them a second life. It is inspired by a new sport called Plogging, which owes its name to adding two terms: jogging (running) and plocka upp (in Swedish it means picking up). It is about incorporating into the daily exercise routine the practice of collecting all the garbage that is in your path.

Circularity: The PlogBag material is made from automotive waste, with bovine remains of fabrics for interior upholstery.

Digital Manufacturing: 3D printed grommets have been created to connect the strap to the main part of the product.

Necessity: It arises from the need to have a bag to use while we are Plogging, that is, running or playing sports picking up trash.

Differential Value: The product is created with recycled materials, and its purpose is to recycle and contribute to the environment, which is why it invites recycling and contributes to caring for our environment.

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