Universitat Politècnica de València

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is a public Higher Education Institution actively involved in international cooperation and mobility projects. UPV hosts over 30,000 students and employs over 4,000 people (teaching, research, and administrative staff). It is the first technological university in Spain according to international rankings (e.g. Shanghai Ranking of World Universities) and offers 36 undergraduate programmes, 82 official master’s degrees and 30 Doctorate programmes. Even though UPV focuses mainly on engineering and technical studies, it also hosts a Faculty of Fine Arts and a Faculty of Business Administration and Management. It receives every year over 1,800 exchange students and sends over 1,400 UPV students abroad under different mobility programmes.

UPV has repeatedly ranked amongst the top 10 European Universities in student exchange figures under the Erasmus+ Programme. UPV has experience in the management of European projects and takes part in different actions: Erasmus+ (Capacity Building in Higher Education, Knowledge Alliances, Strategic Partnerships, etc.), Creative Europe, Horizon2020, etc. and in several international networks such as ANUIES, Magalhaes, Santander Group, CONAHEC, CARPE, SEFI.


The Universitat Politècnica de València educates people in order to enhance their skills; researches and generates knowledge, with the assurance of quality, rigor and ethics, in the fields of science, technology, art and business, with the aim of furthering the integral development of society and contributing to its technical, economic and cultural progress.


In 2020 the Universitat Politècnica de València is a modern, innovating and efficient institution which:
• Is able to offer quality structured training geared towards the necessities of society.
• Develops research which is relevant and has an impact.
• Transfers its results both nationally and internationally.
• Is considered as a strategic partner for universities and institutions at a global level.
• And stands out in its commitment to social responsibility as a public university.


We believe in and practise the values of honesty, integrity, equality, solidarity and integration. We develop our activity in a professional and committed way -and also with creativity, dynamism and a spirit of innovation- from an international perspective. We seek to provide satisfaction, at the same time making efficient use of the resources under our control and be accountable to society in a transparent way. And ensure a practise of government of the University which encourages the participation of different groups.




Camino de Vera SN,
Edif. 3A ES46022 Valencia
(ES) Spain

Manuel Martínez Torán
Product Designer, Professor and Researcher
UPV Crafts Chair Director

Skype: manuelmartineztoran
Email: mmtoran@upv.es

Consuelo Esteve, PhD
Product Designer,

Skype: chele.esteve
Email: maessen@dib.upv.es

Carlos Jiménez Rico
EU-Projects Officer

Mobile number: 0034 963 877 832
Email: cjimenez@upv.es