Friesland College

Friesland College is an open educational institution with respect for all religions and cultures in society. Friesland College is involved with and listens to its students; has a passion for teaching and is innovative. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses, job opportunities, facilities and activities at Friesland College. These are provided throughout the province of Friesland by a small teaching and support staff of 1000 persons. They are active in several locations, the largest two being located in Leeuwarden and Heerenveen which are in Friesland, the north of The Netherlands.

Education philosophy: Practise-based learning

At Friesland College education begins in a practice- based learning environment. That’s the premise of learning at Friesland College, where we try to provide more exciting, contemporary and challenging education; education that invites students’ initiative, curiosity, reflection and practical application of knowledge. Friesland College wants to promote new professionalism in education and training by using a student-centred approach, coaching students to realize their career ambitions.

The College aims to offer students practical learning experience in real life settings (practical pathway), and opportunities to develop professional skills and reflective powers, thus encouraging them to take the initiative and become effective learners. All students are stimulated to have an experience abroad, in Europe but also in the developing countries, where they train young people in their profession and teach them entrepreneurship so that they can start their own business. Friesland College is a VET school in which a lot of disciplines of the field of work are taught. The main idea behind our educational approach is that we want students to ‘act’ and ‘reflect’ on their activities and experiences. This, to our opinion, is the best bases for the next step. We encourage our students to explore and discover their own way of coming to the solution. This also means allowing room for mistakes and vulnerability to accept these mistakes to ultimately grow and learn from them.

Thus, our credo is: “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”! Having said this, our approach to this project is to empower the students to take the lead. They are the youngsters that will shape our future. Subsequently, they are the ones that should gain the most from the activities we, as VET School, will organise. We as professionals in this organisation (teachers, coaches and mentors) are there to make students learn, but mainly through a guiding and overseeing role, making sure that the students pursue the right direction, instead of always keeping on the “right” path (All roads lead to Rome).



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P.O. Box 45
8900 AA Leeuwarden (NL)
The Netherlands

Frank Kroondijk
Project Manager at D’Lab maker space

Mobile number: 0031 6 3958 1650
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Hendrik Jan Hoekstra
Senior Policy advisor

Mobile number: 0031 6 5178 4328