Craft Your Future – Student Training Programme

The Craft Your Future student programme is built around three themes: traditional crafts, new technology and trends, and the circular economy. In a three-step process, students expand and deepen their knowledge on these themes before putting their knowledge into action by combining all three to design a sustainable product. Each of the three phases are supported by resources, tools and assignments.

Central to all student activities is the look outwards and the connection to stakeholders in traditional crafts, circular economy and trends and new techniques. The full training programme, including tools, assignements and the Product Ideation Game can be downloaded at

This teacher manual explains the Craft Your Future Student training programme in detail.

The Craft Your Future Product Ideation game was tested on several occasions within and beyond the lifespan of the project, the video’s below will give you an impression. What to try it our yourself? Go to the website for the online versions or contact one of the national partners for a set of cards in English, Bulgarian, Dutch or Spanish.