Regional Strategies and Action Plans

The Craft Your Future regional strategies and action plans are a direct result of the implementation of the Regional Alliance Set-up toolkit which are turned into practice during the project by the establishment of Regional Alliances in all partner regions.

The regional strategy and action plana are written documents outlining the commitments for action of the stakeholders participating in the Craft Your Future Regional Alliance, signed by all parties involved. The straegies and actions plans are confidential and therefor not available on the website.

If you are interested in being involved in the Regional Alliances, contact the partner in your country.

Three separate documents are produced, one relating to the Friesland region (NL), one to the Central Bulgaria region (BG), and one to the Valencia region (ES).

The Craft Your Future Regional Alliances have the aim of bringing together likeminded people and organisation defining a strategy that help regions use intangible cultural heritage to increase their attractiveness, boost local economies and build a future based on regional resources.

The regional strategies and action plan are pioneering as they formulate actions that are unique to the specific regions involved in the Craft Your Future project. It entails regional strategies on how new technologies and waste streams can be used to lift traditional crafts to the 21 century demand.