Regional Alliance set-up toolkit

The IO2 toolkit will facilitate and stimulate organisations and individuals to cooperate and join forces to increase the impact and create an integrated approach to the delivery of the Craft your Future goals and deliverables.

In order for Craft Your Future to work, we need engaged stakeholders. The toolkit facilitates the educational institutes and other interested parties to recruit, motivate and involve therelevant regional stakeholders to endorse the aims of Craft Your Future. It also helps partners to work closely with the regional stakeholders and in a later stage agree on concrete actions suitable for implementation in the respective region (see IO3 – Strategy and action plan).

Innovative aspect of this IO is that it not just enables teachers to set up or expand their regional world of work network, it shows them the way of how to do this using the networks of the students themselves. As the innovative phenomenon of ‘Students in the Lead’ is central to the Craft Your Future project, teachers need to understand how they can assist and facilitate the formation of these networks, without taking over from the student.

Topics that will be addressed in this IO are:

  • Empowering students. In the set-up of the Alliance, the initiative of involving the world-of work actor, is with the VET student. Teachers will be provided with tools that enable them to empower students to investigate networks. Teachers will learn how to empower students to take the initiative.
  • Description of actors and stakeholders active on the topics of traditional crafts (e.g. associations of craftsmen, museums, cooperation’s of artists), trends & new technologies (e.g. trendwatchers, innovation platforms) and circular economies (sustainability associations, regional authorities).
  • Ways to involve stakeholders, including practical tools like examples of Craft Your Future elevator pitches and one pagers with the Unique Selling Points of Craft Your Future.
  • Description of the connection to IO1 – Craft your Future – Student Training Programme and the involvement of the student initiated guest speakers in the Regional Alliance.
  • Step-by-Step plan to organise meetings with the Regional Alliance including topics to discuss and brainstorm methods to apply. Templates for activities, meeting minutes and action plans will be included.
  • Strategy and tools for evaluation of the Regional Alliance cooperation. Important to the quality of the Alliance is evaluating all stakeholders view on the effectiveness and quality of the Alliance, without neglecting the importance of student-empowerment. This IO will include a specific methodology, guidelines and a practical toolkit on how to do this.

The Regional Alliance Set-up toolkit will be turned into practice during the project by the establishment of such networks in all partner regions and will be further improved while doing so.

The Craft Your Future Regional Alliances have the aim of bringing together likeminded people and organisation defining a strategy (see IO3 – Craft Your Future – Regional strategy and action plan) that help regions use intangible cultural heritage to increase their attractiveness, boost local economies and build a future based on regional resources.