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The National school of applied arts “Trevnenska shkola” in the town of Tryavna, North Central Bulgaria, Gabrovo region is the only school in Bulgaria training artists (between the age of 15-19) in traditional and modern art woodcarving and icon painting. It originated at the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries and developed in three directions: icon painting, wood-carving and construction. These were also the three main crafts the local masters took up.  Many of the graduates of the Tryavna Art School continue their art education in art academies in Bulgaria or abroad and make a name as talented artists exhibiting at prestigious galleries worldwide.  The students acquire technical skills to perform the certain craft, and the education process includes subjects such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, History of art, Computer graphics, and a specific subject for each discipline. Teachers at the school are outstanding Bulgarian artists with rich biography.

The history of applied art and wood-carving in Bulgaria in a special way is projected on the activities of the National School of Applied Arts in Tryavna as well as on the entire educational process.

National School of Applied Arts “Tryavna School” – Tryavna is a state cultural institute at the Ministry of Culture. The school preserves and develops the traditions of the Tryavna Revival iconography and wood-carving school, giving professional training of students from all over the country in three specialties: “Art Carving”, “Interior Design” and “Iconography”.  Successfully graduated students receive a diploma for completed secondary education and a certificate of professional qualification “Painter” or “Designer.


It was established in 1920 as a State Chitalishte School, with the idea of preserving the Renaissance traditions in the field of artistic processing of the tree.  The school became a centre attracting talented lecturers, such as the painter Ivan Hristov graduated in Munich. He gave the idea of founding a museum of carving and thus saving valuable artwork from destruction.

Up to the present day, the school has undergone various forms of development:

1920 – 1944 – State Halls School.

1945 – 1952 – State Secondary School of Wood Carving and Building Construction.

1952 – 1975 – Technical School of Wood Carving and Interior Architecture.

1976 – 2009 – Secondary Art School for Applied Arts.

2009 – National High School of Applied Arts “Tryavna School”


At present, NGO “Tryavna School” is among the selected art schools of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria with the status of the State Cultural Institute. The college provides professional training for students from all over the country in the fields of “Art Carving”, “Interior Design” and “Iconography”.


Learning objectives and tasks in the school are not just mastering the minimum of professional knowledge and skills to acquire professional qualification and practicing a profession but laying the foundation of a professional culture on which the further development of the pupil in the field in the overall system of arts and humanities education.

Art schools are national because of the scope of admission of students and are organisationally, methodologically and financially managed by the Ministry of Culture.  The creative and research activities of the school are regulated in the special training as a compulsory curriculum and are of decisive importance. The vocational training received in the school allows for direct realization in the labour market, both in the field of art, the cultural and creative industries, as well as in the furniture design and production.

Educational works and creative projects of students from the specialties ARTIFICIAL TIMBER, INTERIOR DESIGN, ECONOMY.

  • Gallery WOODWORKING: students demonstrate practical skills and dexterity, attitude towards the tree, attitude towards space, sense of scale, and techniques and technologies in the artistic processing of wood.
  • Gallery INTERIOR DESIGN: students demonstrate knowledge about the laws of structure and composition of the forms, the main compositional principles, the application and the role of the colours in the design process.
  • ECONOMY Gallery: the students demonstrate knowledge and skills in the field of Orthodox imaginary canon, Orthodox iconography, iconography technology and technology, the distribution of images and decoration in the interior and exterior of the Orthodox temple.
  • Gallery DIPLOMERY WORKS: students demonstrate knowledge and skills in their training, designing and realizing a diploma project that meets the highest requirements in the curriculum.



Angel Kanchev, 150 5300
5350, Tryqvna
(BG) Bulgaria

Orfey Mindov

Mobile number: 00359 879123571

Galina Lachezarova
Teacher Interior Design

Mobile number: 00359 886 586 682

Gergana Peykova

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