Makeathon | Valencia. Challenge: Design and build an element for your city, that facilitates or activates the circular economy

We organised a makeathon on 11 and 12 May, within the framework of the Craft Your Future project, with young people from Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Spain. In the Spanish case, more than 30 students from the Higher Technical School of Design Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de València, met at the facilities of FabLab VLC Oceano Naranja. The challenge to be solved by the students was the search for circular solutions thinking about the cities where they live. The proposals and prototypes were presented to a team made up of professionals such as Loles Cebrián, companies such as Nometal 3D, the manager of the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community and David Rosa, technical director of Las Naves (Valencia City Council).

We counted those two days, among others, with the contributions of Silvia Catazine and Josean Vilar (from Naifactory Lab, Barcelona) talking about new crafters and circular economy, or Gema Roig and Julián Torralba (from Las Naves, Valencia) talking about circular projects since Valencia City Council.

To learn more about the initiative you can watch this video:

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