Interview with Hendrik Jan Hoekstra of FC about Craft your Future on

Hendrik Jan Hoekstra is innovation supervisor at D’Drive, the mbo course for creative industry and pedagogical work at Friesland College in Leeuwarden. He advocates a ‘revival of the makers’. Because only with enough money or good ideas, we cannot make the country future-proof. What is needed is sustainable makership. An optional subject Repairing or Repair Skills in the vmbo prepares students for that, Says Hendrik Jan.

At D’Drive, we have a printer that precisely sprays patterns onto textiles. That way there is almost no cutting loss and you need as little material as possible. Both Creative Craftsmanship and Fashion students experiment with this by printing on linen. In Friesland, a lot of flax used to be grown. We wonder: can linking traditional crafts and innovative technology help to find circular solutions? These lessons ‘From flax to cloth’ – or ‘From flax to lab’ – are part of the European project Craft your Future.

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