Craft your Future meets iProduce

A Social Manufacturing Framework for Streamlined Multi-stakeholder Open Innovation Missions in Consumer Goods Sectors.

Oceanonaranja FabLab involved a second time in an EU project related the design and the new fabrication technologies.

The Kick off meeeting in Valencia on january the 14th.

iPRODUCE delivers a novel social-manufacturing platform that enables multi-stakeholder interactions and collaborations to support user-driven open-innovation and co-creation. At the heart of the iPRODUCE platform is an open digital space that facilitate co-creation ventures through secure and interoperable exchange of data and domain-specific intelligence. The digital space is utilised by a set of innovative tools that support matchmaking, secure interactions, generative product design, process orchestration, co-creation up to agile prototyping, usability evaluations and lifecycle management. The iPRODUCE platform is deployed in local ‘ecosystems’ (composed of SME association, manufacturing and specialist SMEs, Fablabs, Makers spaces etc) under the notion of collaborative MDFs or cMDFs. The platform supports knowledge and resource sharing across cMDFs through which a federation of cMDFs is established. The cMDFs are equipped with iPRODUCE platform together with novel co-creation methodologies, training toolkits and sharing-economy business models to adapt the organisational systems, shape the social manufacturing processes and scale collaborative production activities.

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