3D-Printing enters 100 years old Craft school “TRYAVNA ART SCHOOL”

At the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year, the “Tryavna Art School” equips a brand new school-Lab wich is planed to function as a 3D-printer room, with 3D printer machines which aims to raise the level of vocational education.

New 3D-printer atelie created in “Tryavna Art School” Bulgaria.

National High School of Applied Arts “Tryavna Art School”, is very pleased to say that the school received a serious donation in the form of three 3D printers from John Martini from the Netherlands. Along with the three “Ender” 3D-machines, the school invested also to buy one “Ultimaker” 3D-printer.

Three 3D-printing machines and filaments, donation from: John Martini

From the beginning, students and teachers began to use and explore new technology. They were introduced to the software and the variety of programs needed to work with 3D design. The new technology has become an active part of the Sculpture, Woodcarving and Interior Design classes as part of the learning process. The students also began to carry out their own projects and find it useful.

Using 3D-technology into the learning process.

“Our main purpose like School of Arts and Crafts is to learn about the new technologies and how we can use them in our crafts and artistic developments. Connecting these two fields in such a young age wich are our students, we provide them an opportunity to progress faster and smarter, keeping Crafts alive.”

Institution: National High School of Applied Arts “Tryavna Art School”
Location: Bulgaria, Tryavna city
Partner in Craft Your Future project.

Link of the school: http://artschooltryavna.com

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