“Journey into the past” – Methodical game

Tryavna Art School – Bulgaria.

From 22nd to 25th February, a group of art students from “Tryavna Art School” came together to work on a methodical game. Their task was first to craft several wooden cubes with images, then to develop different game strategies with the cubes.

In Bulgaria, the students of art schools have to take two final exams at the end of their last academic year. One of the exams is in Bulgarian language and literature while the other one is in History of art. This second exam provoked the teachers in the Art School of Tryavna to think about different ways to help students properly prepare for the examination.

“Journey into the past” is a methodical game, which was developed by both teachers and students in the History of Art classes to support the students’ learning process by using art images, which are included in the final exam syllabus. The workshop turned to be very successful since both the students and the teachers found the game really helpful and fun to use in class.

“We have been thinking of various ways of developing the methodology of this game. We have been talking about designing a board game with the images; of creating online games and also of a more compact option. We present to you our first step and craft process.”, shared one of the teachers in the Art School of Tryavna.

Crafting the cubes game.