Al Sac! Bag

The third project that we are going to share has been developed along the same lines with the CYF (Craft Your Future) principles as the previous ones, with the group from the Workshop on Models and Prototypes workshop at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

The student Gemma Herrero has designed Al Sac!. She has worked together with the craftsman Josué Giménez Giménez of the Arpillera company. The workshop is located in a small town next to the city of Valencia, Benifairo de les Valls.

General description: Al Sac! is a project that arises from the desire to highlight the motifs of jute sacks commonly used by Valencian farmers in the countryside. Combining tradition, artisanal manufacturing methods and new technologies, Al Sac!, It becomes a bag with a current and young air available to anyone that can be used as a shoulder bag and hung on the frame of a bicycle.

Circularity: Circularity based on the reuse of jute sacks used in the field by farmers to harvest. These, coming from coffee exporting countries, once in the Valencia countryside, are filled with products grown in the countryside. Circularity is a very important aspect in this project as it is not the first recycling cycle that the bag goes through, but it is the end of a long process of reuse in the field.

Digital Manufacturing: In order to give a modern and youthful touch that brings modernity and aesthetics to such a rustic-looking base product, jute fabric is combined with recycled seat belts (scrapping cars) and industrially machined aluminum pins. These, in addition to providing the aforementioned aesthetic, add the functionality of a sturdy and versatile shoulder bag, as it can also be hung on the frame of a city bike.

Necessity: The need covered by this product is the easy and convenient transport of work and study tools that are so common today, such as a laptop, among others.

Traveling around the city using a bicycle as a means of transport has many advantages, but we usually find it difficult to conveniently transport everyday tools. With Al Sac!, this problem is solved, as the user can carry these tools comfortably on the bike with a bag that is later transformed into a shoulder bag perfectly integrated into the urban environment.

Differential Value: What sets Al Sac!, apart from other similar shoulder bags, are the manufacturing materials and dual functionality thought and designed for an urban utility.

Manufacturing materials are reused and local, helping to reduce the environmental impact and promoting the consumption of local products.

Circular soap-making at D’Lab sustainability festival

How does soapmaking springs from our Craft Your Future ideation game? Easy! Just connect the dots.

At the circular makersevent #Casco organised by Friesland College D’Lab as part of Craft your Future , students connected the dots crafts (soap making), trends&tech (3d printing & DIY) and circularity (recycle).

The Craft your Future Ideation game, developed by Learning Hub Friesland, uses product ideation cards. By playing the game, students groups invent new products which combines traditional crafts, new trends and technologies and the circular economy to solve a real-world challenge. Students pick a wildcard to keep them on their toes.

At the festival we solved a challenge the Frisian Waterboard facing, and tested the solution; a Do It Yourself soap making kit.

Challenge: Waterboards in the Netherlands spend millions of euros annually on removing deep-frying fat from the sewer. Especially around new year’s eve, the Dutch tend to flush their used frying fat (used for the traditional new year’s dish ‘oliebollen’) through the sink, resulting in clogging and pollution.

Result: Soap bars made from used deep fry fat. The product is a Do It Yourself soap making home kit which will be a free give away when people buy deep frying fat in December. The kit includes the recipe, some basic ingredients and  necessities and 3D print instruction for the mall and stamp with logo. By working together with the waterboards and solving their problem the total investment will be made by the waterboard.