Me.ka vase

During the 2019-20 academic year, the students of the Industrial Design Degree, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Spain), have worked on the principles of Craft Your Future.

The projects have been developed in the second semester and coinciding with the Pandemic lockdown period.

For this reason, teaching has been carried out online and the students have developed different projects from home and in collaboration with an artisan online as well.

The panel of experts from the Crafts Center of the Valencian Community, together with the teachers of the subject, made the final selection. It was made following the principles and summary applied by the philosophy that emerges from Craft your future.

Presentation of the proposal in the subject Models and Prototypes workshop. Engineering Design School, UPV

The first project selected is Me.ka vase, designed by the student Itziar Viila, and developed by the artisan Tiziana Chiara, a jeweler who works with glass.

General description:

Vase designed for both public and private spaces whose objective is to repel insects especially during the spring or summer seasons.

The use of natural insect repellents and not harmful to people or for the environment such as lavender or lemon and clove is strongly considered.

The shape of the vase evokes the union between nature, by using natural branches as its support points, and modernity, using a base made in 3D printing.

Me.ka vase (2020). Design: Itziar Viila. Artisan: Tiziana Chiara. Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)

Circularity: The base or main piece is made up of a recycled canning jar, to give a second life to this glass container.

Recycling mason cans allows a new use to all those products that have a single purpose at the beginning and that most consumers end up discarding.

Digital Manufacturing: Regarding the bottom of the vase it is 3D modeled and printed in white PLA, trying to follow the aesthetics of the product.

3D printing in white PLA

In addition, it has a wider shape, giving the vase more uniqueness and some holes to improve the stability of the natural branches with the ground.

Necessity: The objective is to get rid of the constant discomfort of insects approaching us or to our food being outdoors, but doing it discreetly and naturally.

Differential Value: This product can serve as a vase, candleholder, and insect repellent or why not decorative element.

Brainstormen at an 1.5m distance

Also in this Corona-age our international projects do continue. Unfortunately it is not possible to organize a physical international meeting yet. Locally though we had our first ‘physical’ meeting since the start of the out-break. It was very nice to brainstorm in the same physical room. Hopefully the virus will continue to die-out quickly so we can also meet-up with our international partners and their students soon.

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