CYF applied, circular quarter MAKERS

Together with local waste streams, the latest technologies and methodologies, creating new innovative products and services, testing and offering them in a local circular economy.

On the 26th of Februari the circular quater MAKERS project has been pitched against the shop owners of the Circular Quarter (an area of several shopping streets in Leeuwarden (NL). With this an unique cooperation between VET, BSc and MSc schools has started. The D’Lab, the Circular Design Lab and the Frisian design factory are playing a mayor role in connecting everybody and by empowering students to make innovative products from waste streams.

Lab Circularity

Lab Circularity is an initiative of NHLStenden and Future Proof Retail in cooperation with the municipality of Leeuwarden and the Leeuwarder entrepreneurial foundation. Since the beginning of September 2019 eleven students are working closely together with shop owners from the ‘nieuwe Oosterstraat’, a shopping street with a variety of shops in the city center of Leeuwarden. The main goal of this cooperation is to move to a much more sustainable and circular local economy. Students do field research in which they are looking for practical solutions to enable shop owners to work more sustainable and circular and include the stakeholders in the value chain.

Circular Quarter MAKERS

The circular Quarter MAKERS are VET students from a variety of different courses and therefore with various expertise. It is their responsibility to translate concepts and ideas into real life tangible products and services.