New textile printer shown to the public

During the open days of the Friesland College our new textile printer has been shown to the outside world. Students and teachers received an intense training to be able to get the most out of this ultra innovative machine. With skipping a lot of steps out of the traditional manufacturing workflow of fashion, this proces is much more sustainable and efficient. With this technology the old craft of making clothes is brought to the 21st century.

Craft Your Future as example at the National info day of Erasmus+

Ben Bosch – 14 november 2019

On November 14th Erna van der Werff (Learning Hub Friesland) and Hendrik Jan Hoekstra of Friesland College presented the project Craft Your Future at a national meeting of the national agency.

They were asked to inspire other schools and supporting organisations to make use of the possibilities that ERASMUS+ has to offer.

Craft Your Future also stands out nationwide because, from the start, many parties have became involved in the regions that work together in this project. This is also what makes the project so powerful because the material developed helps the partners in the regions to achieve support for the theme.

Hendrik Jan focused on how a European programme can help to achieve the school’s own objectives. Erna focused on the creation and organisation of a local and European network.

What is clearly stated is that it is also very nice to work directly with students in a project. After all, that is what a school does it for. Students are critical and therefore very valuable to give feedback on the already developed materials.