Creative workshop in Valencia to analyze possible ‘circular’ proposals

At the end of June, the spanish partners of the project “Craft your Future”(FabLab Oceano Naranja and Universitat Politécnica de València) organized a creative workshop coordinated by Professor Chele Esteve at the Engineering Design School. For this, we work with the same spanish students who were going to participate in the Tryavna-Gabrovo exchange (to be held in September in Bulgaria).

A methodology of cards was presented to analyze which one could be the best tools to design a ‘circular’ proposal, taking into account:

a)the different agents of our ecosystem that could participate (Valencia),

b) the involvement of young students and

c) above all, where focus the focus and be able to solvebetter those challenges.

Methodology of cards

Different measures were proposed from the results presented in the workshop and they allowed us to writea report of possible proposals for challenges to be developed as an example in future Craft Your Future initiatives. The most important thing was to consider the interest of the participants in the initiative.