Dutch, Bulgarian and Spanish students show their Craft Your Future designs in Valencia

Students from Friesland College, Tryavna Craft school and the University of Valencia showed their work during the Craft Exhibition in the Craft Centre of the Valencian Community in Spain. In early April it was all about the European Days of Crafts. In this context several activities were be organised, amongst which the Craft your Future student exposition with objects from the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain.

In the Netherlands, under the supervision of Friesland College teachers Harm de Jong and Frank Kroondijk, the Dutch students worked on their design objects following the Craft Your Future principles: to combines traditional crafts, new techniques and a circular economy. Craft your Future is an Erasmus+ project in which Dutch partners Friesland College, Learning Hub Friesland and House of Design cooperate with the University of Valencia, Fab Lab Valencia, Tryavna Craft School and FabriC (the Bulgarian foundation for craftsmanship). How can we learn from the craftsmanship of the past for challenges we face today? Craft Your Future makes educational programmes future proof.

Student Masha van Kammen used Friesland Colleges latest acquirement for her design object: the WASP 3D clay printer. Guided by the Dutch designer Lies van Huet, she made ceramic lamps and vases.

Back in 2014, Lies van Huet was inspired by a workshop ‘3D printing with clay’ from Jonathan Keep, a frontrunner in this field. The seed that was planted then, now sprouts. The 3D printer offers us the possibility to, in addition to clay, print multiple other circular materials such as cellulose and PHA from sewage sludge, bioplastics from potato starch and glycerine or a biobased concrete from reed and lignin.

‘The designs are made in the computer programme Vectorworks and printed with the WASP 3D clay printer. The pentagon shapes are one of the first self-made designs I have printed. I chose this shape because it feels uneven, but it is symmetric as well. I made the two twisted designs because I wanted to make something out of porcelain which can’t be made by hand.’ says Masha.

On April 4th 2019, the Craft Your Future exhibition officially opened at the Craft Centre of the Valencian Community in Spain. The partners of the Erasmus+ project Craft your Future were invited to this event and will have their second Transnational Project Meeting to discuss the project progress.